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10 Questions to Ask Before Performing a Hair Graft

1. How many operations do you perform per day?

We perform only one surgery every day. We want the patient to feel special and concentrate all our energy in each case. In this way we guarantee optimal results and a VIP service.

2 What type of graft do you use?

We use follicular units of 1, 2 and 3 hairs for more natural and dense results.

3 Do you only perform hair transplants or do you offer other services?

We are dedicated exclusively to hair with FUE, FUT and Antialopetric Regenerative Therapy hair transplants, which are preventive and regenerative hair treatments, as well as tricopigmentation.

4 Have you been able to perform a hair transplant to all patients who have requested it?

In the vast majority of cases, yes. However, there are more than 100 types of alopecia and, although most of them can be solved with a hair transplant, in some cases such as for patients suffering from alopecia areata, it is not a real solution and so we move it to those people who need other types of treatments.

5 What part of the surgery do you take care of directly?

I perform all the surgical and technical steps, but I have a full staff to help me reduce times.

6 Who has trained your staff? How long have they been working in hair transplant?

How long have they been working with you? I have trained all my staff myself. With the passage of time, this staff is expanding more and more and I already have assistants who have been with me for more than 12 years and who are very specialized. We also have new staff currently in training process.

7 How do you design the line of the new hair?

I usually ask the patient first what his expectations are; then anatomically frame your front line below the limit and finally I give you my recommendation so you have options to choose from.

8 What is the density required to achieve a natural result?

It depends on each particular case. We try to numerically approximate the average natural density of the patient.

9 Do you have any refund guarantee if the growth or the result obtained is poor?

In 14 years we have never had problems of unsatisfied patients, but if it were the case, there would be no problem in re-intervening the patient to be happy.

10 Do you have images of before and after operated patients?

We have a large gallery of images, available in consultation. In addition, we also have already operated patients who, unselfishly, offer to meet with those who are undecided.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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