Alopecia & Hair Transplant: Frequently Asked Questions

Alopecia and Hair Graft

Frequent questions
There are many doubts that can arise regarding hair loss and hair transplantation. We clarify the most important about hair transplant and alopecia.

1. What are the different techniques of capillary grafting?

-On the one hand, we have the «strip technique» or FUT technique, which is performed under local anesthesia and the procedure to follow consists in extracting a strip from the scalp, reimplanting in the most depopulated areas.
The FUE technique is characterized because follicular extraction is performed one by one, without leaving any mark. Here the recovery is faster.

2. What to do in case of hair loss?

Given the first evidence, the basic step will be to consult the specialist. It is important that you be a professional dedicated to the study of hair loss.

3. What are the reasons for alarm in the event of hair loss?

It is convenient to control the size of the hairs that fall, because if the caliber is decreasing it will be the main factor to take into account.

4. Does the transplanted hair fall back?

The transplanted hair will not only last forever, but can also be cut or dyed. However, hair from other parts of the head that does not take care of itself can fall.

5. What is the estimated recovery time after a transplant?

The recovery will be almost immediate, although it depends on the techniques used. The FUE method will require a small three-day withdrawal. If the technique of the strip is used, it will be possible to incorporate it in quiet work environments such as an office.

Hair transplant with a professional

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