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How affects the use of hair dyes ?

Use hair dyes

According to data from the European Commission, 60% of women and 10% of men already resort to the use of hair dyes. Irritation, allergic reactions or itching are some of the effects that can be triggered if not used properly.

Are hair dyes safe?
According to the sources consulted, dyeing hair will not entail risks as long as proper precautions are taken. Performing a previous test will allow us to know if we have any type of allergy. The permanent dyes, which are the most used, are formed by high concentrations of ammonia and hydrogen that can damage both the hair and the skin.

Other substances such as monoethanolamine and hydrogen peroxide can cause it to fall.
Use if it is not suitable for those who submit sensitive scalps to generate an irritative dermatitis, followed by desquamation. It is also not advisable in case of itching or irritation. To ensure maximum care is advised:
-We must always acquire them in accredited establishments, which allow us to check the composition and name of the manufacturer.
-Use gloves for handling.
-Avoid using expired or open products, as well as their exposure to the sun.
-Do not use on irritated scalps or with any specific problem.
-The false myths: for example, pregnant women can also make use of this type of products with the corresponding precautions cited.

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