Spanish expressions about hair

Have a look at the examples below that we have compiled for you.

  • «Tease»: attempt to deceive someone, either by word of mouth or through an exchange of goods and services.


  • «Do not cut a hair»: perform an action without showing shyness or cowardice.


  • «Do not like a hair»: that does not like or absolutely enjoy anything. –


  • «Caught by the hair»: it is said about a problem that has been solved at the last moment or that has been missing very little so that it could not be solved.


  • «Not a fool’s hair»: it is said of a person who shows intelligence and understanding on a subject.


  • «Do not be hairs on the tongue»: say in a direct way what is believed or thought of a person, situation or thing.


  • «There is not a hair in the air»: there is no wind.


  • «His hair is going to fall out»: a person who is going to be reproached or will receive a punishment or sanction because it has been discovered that he has done something wrong.


  • «A pelo»: this expression has several meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Thus, you can refer for example to a person who does not carry any kind of protection or help in the face of any danger; bareheaded; Go totally naked or ride a horse without a chair.
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