5 Harmful Habits that Affect the Health of Our Hair

The habits that we maintain daily are essential to guarantee the health of our hair. However, actions such as rubbing the hair directly after leaving the shower or not using the right brush or shampoo can cause serious long-term damage.
To guarantee the correct care, it is convenient to avoid the following actions:

After leaving the shower, we will not rub wet hair to be able to damage the hair fibers. The ideal is to use a turban towel to keep it collected for half an hour allowing the moisture to be detached, preventing it from spending more time as it will prevent perspiration and subsequent drying.
-It is not advisable to use any shampoo that we find, as some can cause itching or the appearance of dermatitis. A professional will tell us which is the most correct option according to our needs.
Excesses of substances such as alcohol or tobacco can negatively affect the appearance of the hair, reducing shine and strength. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will also be important in providing the necessary nutrients.
Choosing a brush adapted to our hair type will help us to maintain it every day, avoiding combing it when wet. It is also not advisable to resort to carding to be able to damage the hair fiber.
-If we have irritated scalp, do not apply dyes. Although these have an ecological or natural composition it is better to treat the problem and not use any product until consulting the specialist.

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