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Keys and Characteristics of the Hair Surgeon

The figure of the hair surgeon

The growing demand in the field of hair medicine has led, in recent years, a reorientation of the services provided by dermatologists, as well as an increase in the existing supply.

However, the guarantee of the results will be determined only by the experience, study and constant innovation of those who dedicate themselves to this sector.
The current trend, given that it is a service with a high demand, has aroused the interest of certain professionals through practice and has been introduced in a multitude of centers, multiplying the existing offer.
The rise of professionals who offer the service prevents, on many occasions, detecting those who are really specialized in the subject. Therefore, we should pay special attention to therapies that require constant study, focused on assessing the needs of each patient, in order to offer the best alternatives.

However, what are the main differences with the hair surgeon?

It is a professional who must have extensive knowledge of the field in which he works, as well as a specialization in the field. To be able to adapt to all the changes, it is necessary to have enough experience within the sector and to be up to date with all the news published, being the constant improvement the leitmotiv of each day. In addition, you must have a professional team adapted, highly qualified and committed.

Within the area of capillary medicine, the technique is linked, in its totality, with the experience and constant study, fruit of the work developed over years, being the best guarantee to offer the best results to patients.

Hair trasplant with a professional

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