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The Importance of Shampoo in Hair Care

Perfect hair care

In addition to the usual care to ensure the maintenance of our hair, the choice of shampoo is a key factor to be able to derive certain effects such as itching or dermatitis. Analyze and know your needs will be essential to perform a correct cpailar care and maintain the health of it. The first problem is associated with the wide range of existing commercial offer, selling endless products that do not always guarantee the results that are promised. Many of them are under the motto «damaged hair, this is the solution» offering information that is not always appropriate according to the case.

Therefore, ideas such as «wash hair without shampoo» is a trend that is currently on the rise, but does not have any scientific basis that has proven its effectiveness.What is the correct option for hair care?The main drawback is that most of the products that we find in the market contain a multitude of toxins that negatively affect the hair. Hence, when they are abandoned and ceased to be used, an improvement is experienced that was not previously visible. Next, we will analyze some measures and recommendations according to the type of hair.

Greasy hair
Oily hair is characterized because the sebaceous glands generate an increase in sebum greater than other types of hair. Among the most recommended formulations are the extract of white nettle, bioazufre and Hammamelis extract, as they will help your care. It is advisable to make your purchase in specialized stores fleeing the usual commercial brands. Disperse the washes with more days of difference and reduce the use of conditioners will also contribute to its proper maintenance.

Dry hair
As in the previous case, dry hair also requires specific care that promotes balance. The use of shampoos with vitamin E, milk proteins or wheat germ extract will provide the necessary hydration without causing damage.

Hair with dandruff
Treating dandruff is also possible as long as it is done properly. The shampoos with bark extract of salix alba, birch and cade can be really beneficial so that this problem can be progressively diminished and improved.

Hair loss prevention
Although the capillary fall can be generated by multiple factors, we can opt for some type of help to minimize its impact. Resorting to shampoos with vegetable placenta and Ginkgo extract can be a preventative that will help us with the first symptoms.

Hair graft with a professional

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