Results of a Hair Graft

Results after a capillary graft

One of the most common questions that our patients ask us in consultation when they consider the realization of a hair transplant is when will my new hair begin to grow?
Although there is no fixed parameter, since the results of a capillary graft vary according to each patient, most people who undergo hair grafting begin to see hair growth after 3-6 months after the hair transplant.

Performance of capillary surgery

For most patients this is the time when they feel most impatient, but we must remember that the implanted hair needs its time to grow naturally, just as it did before the hair transplant.
The first results of the capillary graft are usually noticed after the first three months. At this time, our head will be covered evenly, although it will be a short hair due to the proximity of hair surgery.
Subsequently, after six months you will see a noticeable improvement and the hair will continue its growth until the year.

From then on, it will be when the time comes to assess a more definitive result. This does not mean that we do not see results during the first year, at this time the vast majority of patients already feel very satisfied with them, but it is not until the year when a more complete assessment of results begins.
In the process of hair growth after performing a hair transplant, patience is key. The capillary implants will grow day by day, precisely this daily process is what does not produce a surprise effect in the people around us, but the situation will happen in a normalized way so that the hair transplant will go unnoticed for our friends and family unless we want to share that information with them.

Hair graft with a professional

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