How to recover your eyebrows

Eyebrow transplant, restore harmony

With the passage of time, the eyebrows may suffer alterations and decrease their capillary density. One way to restore its natural appearance is through an eyebrow transplant. Dr. Panno employs a revolutionary eyebrow restoration treatment in which he develops the latest existing technology: I-Brow.

The eyebrows bring harmony, balance and beauty to the face, make up the outline of the eyes and, therefore, are responsible for the so-called lines of expression. Thus, the alteration of the natural appearance of the eyebrows causes a remarkable aesthetic disorder that can even generate certain negative psychological effects for the person who suffers it. The loss of hair on eyebrows is explained by two main reasons.

On the one hand, it may be due to the application of bad aesthetic habits on the eyebrows, such as excessive hair removal; and, on the other, the eyebrows may also experience a particular alopecia and lose its natural thickness. Alopecia in eyebrows is a very frequent problem and more and more patients are undergoing this treatment.

What is the I-brow eyebrow transplant?

Dr. Panno, number 1 hair surgeon in Spain and a reference in this field for both dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, has developed a unique and revolutionary procedure that combines eyebrow transplantation by FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) with microblanding or micro -pigmentation, one of the latest techniques within the makeup industry through which pigments are meticulously deposited in the epidermis. This combination of techniques makes the result perfect and the eyebrow returns to its most realistic natural appearance and the desired density.
In contrast to other provisional methods, such as semi-permanent makeup, I-brow is a permanent solution for eyebrows that will restore their most beautiful and natural appearance.

Hair Trasplant with a professional

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