The Importance of a Medical Treatment after a Hair Graft

What to do after a hair transplant

Dr. Panno, a hair graft surgeon, argues that medical care in the transplanted area after surgery is essential. First, it should be noted that it is a medical treatment. During capillary surgery, the area of the head on which the extraction work is performed or the hair follicle placement work is subjected to slight stress. Depending on the technique that the doctor decides to apply depending on the needs of the patient and the qualities of the donor area, this area will be affected by one reason or another.

Why is it necessary to apply medical treatment after a hair transplant?

There are several reasons why the patient should take seriously the postoperative period of his hair surgery and for those who must face this mandatory care in a responsible manner.
Below we explain what are depending on the starting situation:

If there was no hair in the area …
It is convenient that the area affected by the capillary graft be treated, fed and cared for in a special way so that it recovers completely in the shortest possible time and returns to its natural state.
If there was hair in the area …
If in the area where hair surgery is performed, in which new hair was grafted with hair, we need that existing hair survive the postoperative period. In the same way, that hair will require a specific medical treatment for its survival during the next 12 months so that it acquires the size and thickness that we want to reach.
In either case, the application of a medical treatment after a hair transplant is essential to accelerate the healing and healing process, as well as to avoid that both the existing and the transplanted hair suffer as little as possible. The key point will be the placement of antiandrogens needed to stop androgenetic alopecia and improve the quality and survival of that hair.

Hair graft with a professional

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