Basic Care After a Hair Transplant

How should be the first days after your hair surgery

After a capillary surgery at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, it is key that you know and follow a series of basic care that will help the grafts survive and, therefore, the result will be as expected.
On feeding after hair transplantation
There are no major restrictions in the diet after the intervention. During the first two days, you must eliminate coffee from the diet, as it is not convenient to mix it with antibiotics. It is also recommended to avoid hard foods, such as meat. The intake of softer foods is preferable to try to chew as little as possible, since the movement of the jaw directly affects the area that has been operated on in hair surgery.
Having a good diet is essential for the health of your hair.
About hair washing after hair transplant.

  • During the first week …

Regardless of the technique of hair transplant that has been used – FUE or FUT – it will be essential to use an antiseptic shampoo. The donor area must be washed thoroughly. It may be slightly annoying at first, but after 30 seconds it will become a kind of beneficial massage for this area.

The receiving area – crown and forehead – must be washed more delicately. In this case, we will use a sponge soaked in antiseptic shampoo that will be charged with water and drained over the head. Thus, the water will fall gently and we will not touch this area at any time. After this step, you have to rinse your head with plenty of water.

  • From the second week …

In the donor area, the hair trasplant can be touched and washed with even more intensity, to finish removing the scabs. For its part, in the receiving area you can start using your hand with circular movements to remove the scabs or help with a brush. In this phase it will no longer be necessary to use antiseptic shampoo, but we can use a neutral shampoo. About periodic check-ups after hair transplantation.
It is essential to attend the periodic consultations that from the clinic we mark the patient to control the care and to guarantee the survival of the capillary graft. The first will be after two days. We will wait for you!

Hair graft with a professional

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