Pharmacological Treatments to Prevent Alopecia

One of the basic aspects to take into account when we talk about baldness is to consider how to prevent alopecia. From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we recommend not waiting for the hair to begin to weaken and to fall, but to anticipate the situation and to bet on regenerative treatments to keep it healthy and thick.

Preventing alopecia is important Dr. Panno, one of the most prestigious hair surgeons in Spain and an international reference in the field of hair surgery, has developed effective treatments to stimulate the hair follicles in order to facilitate growth, prevent hair from falling and increase its brightness and its volume.

Improved antialopecia drug Dutasteride

In the same way that Dr. Panno constantly exercises his research, medicine advances at a good pace in the discovery and commercialization of new pharmacological treatments that try to prevent alopecia.

One of the great novelties in the treatment of androgenic alopecia is the use of the drug dutasteride at a dose of 0.5 mg per day in men and between 0.15-0.5 mg per day in women. It is a dual inhibitor drug of 5-alpha reductase, more potent than finasteride, and in published studies has been shown to be more effective than this, especially in androgenic alopecias of predominantly frontal or diffuse, and with a safety profile similar to finasteride .

Benefits of Dutasteride to prevent alopecia

Dutasteride is known to have greater benefits compared to other antialopecia drug treatments. Now the research focuses on assessing whether the adverse side effects are greater or less than with other treatments.

In any case, Dr. Panno will be in charge of defining which treatment is the most recommended for home case. However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that a hair transplant will always be the most effective and definitive solution to fight alopecia. You can consult more interesting contents in our blog and follow us in Dr Panno on Facebook and Twitter. We also invite you to watch interesting videos on our Youtube channel.

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