Steps to follow to make a hair transplant

Procedure for a capillary graft

Hair transplantation is a surgery performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis using specific techniques: the FUE technique or the FUT technique. The most frequent areas that undergo hair transplants are the head, the beard and the eyebrows and are, without a doubt, the definitive solution to alopecia. Hair transplants affect both men and women, although male alopecia is the most common. In both cases, when detecting hair loss, it is convenient to go immediately to the appropriate specialist such as a hair surgeon. In this case, the indicated specialists are trichologists or hair surgeons who will be the ones who assess the particular case of the patient and define a plan of action.

From the first consultation to the day of the hair transplant

Next, we tell you the steps to follow to perform a hair surgery at the Dr. Panno Clinic:
1. Ask for an appointment with the specialist. You can contact us in the following ways: by phone, by email, by the web form or by our social networks (Facebook and Twitter).
2. Go to the first free informative consultation in which the doctor will assess the situation of alopecia that the patient is suffering. In addition, you will be explained what will be the surgical procedure to follow the hair transplant and you will be offered detailed information of everything you need.
3. A date for hair surgery will be scheduled.
4. On the day of surgery, you must go to the clinic at the first hour and the intervention will be performed. From here, an exhaustive system of follow-up appointments will be established to see the evolution of the intervened zone.
5. The results of the hair transplant will begin to be noticed generally after the third month.



Dr. Panno, one of the most prestigious hair surgeons in Spain, has more than 15 years of experience in this specialization, so putting yourself in his hands to perform a hair surgery is a guarantee of success.

Hair trasplant with a professional

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