Celebrities With Hair Grafts

More and more celebrities are betting on hair surgery to solve their hair loss problems for aesthetic reasons. Given the demands of their work in front of a television camera and in the face of continuous exposure to the media in general, celebrities do not hesitate to improve hair density through hair treatment without surgery or to recover it in certain areas, by means of capillary grafts.

Famous with hair trasplant

Good example of this, are some of the famous cases of those who are rumored to have undergone a capillary graft, recognized or not.
In the international scene:
1. Mel Gibson

  1. Nicolas Cage

  1. Kevin Costner

Among the most famous cases with hair trasplant nationwide we find:

  1. Hilario Pino

  1. José Bono 

A crucial aspect when it comes to perform a hair transplant is the need to go to a specialist in the field of hair surgery and put yourself in a trusted hands. The experience of the surgeon, the result of daily experience and the team that accompanies the professional, are key factors to assess when deciding who will perform our hair surgery. Dr. Panno has recognized and prestigious awards certify the excellence of their work in their day to day. Hair trasplant,  a simple and accessible option The hair graft is the definitive and lasting solution to male alopecia. It is a simple intervention and results in the medium term, in which the patient will begin to see the fruits of his hair surgery. If you are considering to solve your hair loss, you just have to follow the appropriate steps to perform a hair transplant

Hair graft with a professional

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