Minoxidil, a Drug to Stop Hair Loss

Minoxidil, a classic antialopecia

Minoxidil is a drug aimed at stimulating hair growth and slowing the process of alopecia. It is a fairly common antialopecia regenerative therapy, equally effective in both men and women, which usually has more effect in people under 40 years of age.
It is essential that minoxidil be used under medical prescription and that there is a professional to advise you on its use, precautions and all the necessary information for its correct application. One of the key points is that, to maintain hair growth, hair treatment should be used continuously, since it must be administered daily on the scalp and used to treat male and female alopecia.

Dr. Panno, specialist and researcher in all types of antialopecia regenerative therapies, will serve as a guide and advisor so that the application of minoxidil is as successful as possible. His extensive experience in the field of hair surgery has led him to know all types of cases and to face all kinds of alopecia situations that make him the best hair surgeon in Spain.
In any case, Dr. Panno will be in charge of defining what pharmacological treatment to prevent alopecia is the most recommended for each case.

Regenerative therapies to recover hair beyond minoxidil

Preventing hair loss is of utmost importance and the best option is to submit it to a regenerative antialopecia treatment to keep it healthy and thick longer, instead of waiting for it to fall alarmingly. Dr. Panno has developed effective treatments designed to stimulate the hair follicles in order to facilitate growth, prevent hair from falling and increase its brightness and volume.
If you are willing to start taking care of your hair and preventing it from falling, get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation with Dr. Panno.

Hair graft with a professional

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