The Risks of Hair Transplant abroad

Medical tourism risks

More and more Spaniards are deciding to go abroad – in particular to Turkey – to undergo a hair transplant with a common argument: the price. Beyond the economic factor, the main reason for the rise of medical tourism, it is advisable to reflect on some aspects that we must not lose sight of and compare the situation faced by the patient who undergoes his hair surgery abroad with respect to Spain.

Next, we tell you what happens with some of the main aspects:

  • Legality: all Spanish clinics comply with the current law regarding safety and health measures. The Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic has passed all mandatory inspections and inspections and with respect to current legislation. In Turkey, in most clinics the patient shares an operating room, divided by a separator, among others.


  • Clinic location: the location of our clinic is key and privileged, it is well communicated with the rest of the national territory and we offer the patient a professional booking service with many facilities options for their travel and accommodation. In addition, in Turkey, the country’s security level is low.


  • Materials: lower costs in the quality and treatment of surgical materials translates into putting into play the final result of hair transplantation and even the health of the patient. For example, there are clinics that do not use the proper liquids to preserve the follicles in the short period that passes from being extracted until they are grafted.
  • Claims: before a bad result is very difficult to claim from Spain.
  • Return to Spain: it is very uncomfortable to return to Spain by plane, recently operated. Capillary surgeries performed by surgeons, not by technicians There is a growing trend in hair transplant clinics in which hair surgeries are not performed by surgeons, but by technicians. As members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), we agree with the firm position of the Association to avoid this fact.
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