Vitamins for Hair, Hair Regeneration

Do vitamins work for hair?

Yes, but a plan is needed Vitamins for hair are always beneficial for any aspect of the body, including hair, as they provide reinforcements to certain shortcomings. But it is important to keep in mind that vitamins for hair should be part of a complete hair regeneration plan, being understood as part of a joint plan of hair regeneration.

Among its functions, vitamins for the hair serve to reinforce the results of other treatments (for example: a hair transplant), to strengthen the transplanted hair, which becomes brighter and even to prevent hair loss. There are two ways in which hair can receive vitamins:

  • By mouth, ingesting the dose in capsule or liquid form by mouth.
  • Through the treatment of capillary mesotherapy, by means of small injections on the affected area of the scalp of a cocktail of vitamins. Dr. Panno will be responsible for developing a personalized plan for capillary regeneration for each patient, which will be composed of a combination of different techniques, treatments and recommendations, including vitamins.

Other regenerative antialopetric treatments

From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we would like to make an awareness work about the importance of the treatment of hair loss. Prevent hair loss is of utmost importance and the best option is to subject it to a regenerative antialopetric treatment to keep it longer healthy and thick, thus anticipating hair loss. Dr. Panno has developed effective treatments designed to stimulate the hair follicles in order to facilitate growth, prevent hair from falling and increase its brightness and volume.

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