How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress

Stress and alopecia


Stress is one of the most determining factors that intervene in our capillary fragility and that affects the quality of hair. Besides affecting us in terms of mood, mood, insomnia, among other symptoms, stress manifests physically with hair loss or nervous alopecia.

Nervous or stress alopecia is characterized by widespread hair loss, affecting all areas of the head equally and reflecting a decrease in the density of the hair.

The first step to take to solve this problem and avoid it is to reduce physical and emotional stress. Exercising regularly, and betting on outdoor activities are some basic indications to start reducing it.

In addition, food will play an important role in strengthening hair fibers by ingesting the appropriate nutrients for it, such as vitamin A, B and C, and some minerals such as zinc. Prevention, the best ally of alopecia and stress Prevention is the best ally in this type of alopecia.

At Dr. Panno’s Clinic we have effective treatments designed to stimulate the hair follicles to facilitate the growth of new hair, prevent it from falling and increase its shine and volume. Therefore, our recommendation is that the moment you detect that your hair loses thickness and becomes weak, you go to the specialist to assess immediately what is happening. In the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we can give your hair the usual and natural look at any time of the year.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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