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The Dr. Panno Hair Trasplant Clinic Team

Dr. Panno, the clinic and his team Dr. Ezequiel Panno, as a capillary surgeon, is the director and head of the Hair Graft Clinic that bears his name, the first Spanish clinic designed exclusively for the performance of hair surgery. It has a team of multidisciplinary professionals who turn the Clinic into one of the reference hair centers at a national and international level. Among his duties, Dr. Panno is in charge of receiving patients in consultation, defining and drawing up the treatment plan, the performance of hair surgeries and the monitoring of results in patients.

In addition, Dr. Panno develops a constant scientific work to bring his knowledge and innovation to the field of hair grafting. Heterogeneous profiles and professional excellence The team of the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic is composed of professionals from different disciplines who perform the various tasks required by the day to day of the clinic.

Below, we mention the areas of work and the profiles of personnel that we have:

  • Administration: The administration staff is one of the most visible faces of the clinic. This is responsible for the recruitment of patients, the sale of treatments and products, the monitoring of patients and answering the telephone.
    Anesthetist: They are the part of the technical personnel responsible for the sedation and control of the patient in the process of capillary surgery
    Capillary technician: with Dr. Panno at the head of any intervention that takes place in the clinic, the hair technician takes care of the patient’s intraoperative since he arrives at the operating room. In addition, it prepares the grafts, sterilizes the necessary instruments and assists the doctor during all the hair surgery.

  • Nurse: Our nurses are a fundamental pillar for the clinic team. They supervise the hair technicians, prepare the patient for the intervention and for the revisions or to control the stock of medication, among other tasks.

But if there is something that truly characterizes the clinic team, in addition to its professional excellence, it is its humanity, its close treatment of the patient and its love for its work.

Hair graft with a professional

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