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Knowing the Hair Graft With Implanter

What is the implanter

The implanter is a multipurpose instrument that is used for the placement of the graft or capillary graft. It offers the possibility of placing the graft inside a channel that has the needle and allows the realization of the incision and the placement of the hair at the same time. It is an ideal instrument when the hair surgeon faces the intervention individually, without surrounding himself with a team, since he makes the incision and places the hair in a single movement.
The capillary graft with implanter VS the capillary graft with forceps
In the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we use this instrument when the objective of the surgery is an increase in density and the patient does not want to cut his hair. The density factor can be achieved in the same way with both the clamp and the implanter. The only difficulty the implanter has is «pop»: the hair comes out when you try to put on another hair.
Although with both instruments the successes are equally guaranteed, Dr. Panno bet more for the use of the tweezers, so the work will consist of two steps: first, make the incision previously and then place the graft with the tweezers. With the clamp is more agile, since they can be placing the units up to 2 and 3 people and reduce the time to 2 or 3 times less. With the implanter can operate a single person, the hair surgeon.
A new trend in the use of the implanter is the placement with dull implanter. It consists of removing the edge that has in the tip and removing the needle, using it as if it were a clamp to place the hair, always having a preexisting incision.
If you want to receive more information about the different hair graft techniques and the different instruments with which we work in the clinic, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hair transplant with a professional

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