The Risks of Microfue Hair Transplant in Turkey

The MicroFUE technique in Turkey Hair surgeries with MicroFUE technique abroad are becoming more frequent due to a determining factor for some patients: the price. But as in the acquisition of any other product or service, we must always assess what they offer us before performing a MicroFUE capillary surgery in Turkey, since we can find unpleasant surprises or what is worse, irreversible situations after the hair transplant. Reconstructive capillary surgery, the second step after hair surgery in Turkey In the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we receive many patients who come to the doctor to undergo reconstructive capillary surgery after their dissatisfaction with a previous intervention.

They are usually patients seeking to reverse bad surgery and an improvement of the area after the intervention. In general, they are patients who have opted for foreign destinations to perform capillary surgery using the MicroFUE technique, with Turkey being the destination for more reconstructive surgeries. The MicroFUE technique is one of the most widespread and used capillary graft techniques, and is the most common for the repopulation of small areas. As it is a complex technique, it requires great expertise on the part of the surgeon, so it can only be successfully developed by experts with many years of practice in hair surgery.

Medical tourism and its risks The risks of hair surgeries abroad are multiple and it is essential to assess all of them in detail, since it is a surgical intervention that must be understood and prepared as such: adequate facilities, qualified personnel, first-class instruments, properly sterilized material, etc.

One of the aspects that most worries the hair surgery sector is that there are countries in which the capillary graft is entirely performed by a hair technician. Surgeries in which the hair surgeon only supervises the surgeries but does not intervene, something that has been denounced in numerous occasions by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), the highest organ in the matter of capillary grafting at an international level. Dr. Panno, one of the most prestigious hair surgeons in Spain, has more than 15 years of experience in performing hair surgeries, so putting yourself in his hands to perform a hair surgery is a guarantee of success.

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