The Best Gifts For Your Hair For This Christmas

Christmas has been cast in the Clinic of Hair Transplant of Dr. Panno in a very special way. In addition, it is our first Christmas in the new Clinic, in which we wanted to incorporate the most advanced equipment, the best instruments and the latest technology in capillary surgery to offer our patients excellent facilities and experience as they pass through here.
It is also time to think about what we are going to ask this year for Santa Claus or SSMM Los Reyes Magos or what we are going to give to our loved ones.
Do you want to surprise with a different gift? Bet on a hair treatment to improve the quality and appearance of the hair.

Ideas to give as a gift from the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic

Next, we mention some of the treatments or capillary therapies star of the Clinic of Hair Transplant of Dr. Panno that will be the best gift for this Christmas and that will serve to stimulate the hair follicles in order to facilitate the growth, avoid that the Hair will fall and increase its brightness and its volume. Take note!

  •  Hair Mesotherapy: it consists in the injection of a medicated cocktail in the scalp that will revitalize your hair from within.
  • Led light therapy: is the application of different types of light of varying intensity to increase the follicular metabolism.
  • Hair rehydration therapy: it consists of rehydrating the hair from the scalp, ideal for after winter. In addition to these hair treatments, do not forget that the best gift for someone who is thinking about having a hair transplant is that a complete capillary analysis is done beforehand to obtain a more detailed study of it.

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