Ideas to Give Father’s Day

Male alopecia

Father’s Day is approaching and, therefore, you should go thinking about what you are going to give him this year so as not to arrive empty-handed. Parents, as men they are, may be suffering from alopecia problems and, for them, the best gift may be related to treatments that make them feel younger and better with themselves.
Male alopecia affects more than 50% of men, and androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness is the most common. Even so, there are other types of alopecia that should be classified and identified by a specialist for proper treatment.

Hair treatments against alopecia

Next, we indicate the names of some of the treatments or therapies of hair regeneration that we carried out in the Dr. Panno Hair Graft Clinic and that will be a gift for Father’s Day:

  • Hair Mesotherapy: it consists in the injection of a medicated cocktail in the scalp that will revitalize your hair from within.
  • Led light therapy: is the application of different types of light of varying intensity to increase the follicular metabolism.
  • Hair rehydration therapy: it consists of rehydrating the hair from the scalp, ideal for after winter.

It is very simple! You just have to contact us so that we can advise you on what is the best treatment for him, depending on his age and the state of his alopecia or his hair in general, and we materialize it! In addition, at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer our patients advice on which pharmacological treatments are suitable to prevent alopecia, which can also be acquired here at the clinic.

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