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The State of Hair Cloning

Is capillary cloning possible?

Have you heard of hair cloning?

Currently, conversations are being generated and information about capillary cloning is being created as the new definitive solution to alopecia. In Spain there are already some doctors talking about hair cloning and they announce it as a revolutionary treatment of the future, through which from the cells of a single hair, thousands of them can be cloned that can be implanted in the patient.
The truth is that, currently, capillary cloning is not possible and there are no investigations or tests to prove it.

As professionals in the field of hair surgery, our goal is to keep our patients and readers of our blog well informed and clarify any issue that is waking up and is not true.
Hair implant, the ultimate solution to alopecia
Luckily, the field of hair surgery is in continuous development and constant extension, due to the growing number of professionals who are specializing in this subject and the wide demand of patients for this service.
Dr. Panno, on the other hand, exercises an incessant research work on the evolution of alopecia, for which he has obtained numerous awards throughout his professional career and for which he has acted as rapporteur on several occasions.

In addition, Dr. Panno highlighted by using the latest technologies, techniques and instruments to perform the interventions and, in his new Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella, patients can enjoy the most cutting-edge facilities and the best equipment for hair treatments .

From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we maintain that the hair implant is the only definitive solution to fight alopecia today. You can consult more interesting contents about the capillary graft in Dr. Panno’s blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We also invite you to watch interesting videos on our Youtube channel.

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