What is the hypertrichosis

Knowing hypertrichosis.

Commonly known as the syndrome of the werewolf, is the excessive growth of hair, both in quantity and thickness, in areas of the body where it usually does not grow, being a purely aesthetic problem. People with this condition may have localized hypertrichosis, where a region of the body is unusually hairy, or in a generalized way, when the whole body has more hair than usual.

As with androgenetic alopecia, hypertrichosis can also be caused by a genetic condition, although it is usually generated or acquired. Here we tell you the different types that exist:

  •  Lanuginosa: the hair grows evenly throughout the body, except in the palms and soles of the feet, and is usually very fine.
  •  Congenital: people affected with this type of hypertrichosis have a rather thick hair, especially in the area of the face and is directly related to a mutation in chromosome number X.
  •  Lumbosacral or faunal tail: hair grows exclusively in the lumbosacral area
  • Irritative: this appears as a result of frequent and repetitive work to which a certain part of the body is subjected. For example: stay on your knees for a long time
  • Nevoid: refers to a hypertrichosis associated with the presence of a nevus, in which case it is usually indicative that it probably will not turn into a melanoma.

The unsightly hair In any of these cases, hypertrichosis is a disease that affects the aesthetic aspect, as we mentioned at the beginning, in this case being a capillary case by excess, rather than by default, as in the case of alopecia. We could indicate that they are antagonistic cases of hair behavior. As we emphasize the need and importance of putting yourself in the hands of a specialist in the hair field in the event that you start to detect an unusual hair loss or a loss of hair quality, we also indicate if you notice the appearance of more hair in areas where it is not usual to be born, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of the specialist.

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