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What is Graft Trimming?

If we talk about advances in hair transplant, there will be many options that we will find in this regard.

However, sometimes we overlook a simple and main aspect, the proper care and treatment of the follicular unit to be grafted. The term of Graft trimming alludes to it, consists of a meticulous procedure of detailed cuts and delicate cleaning of each follicular unit, from its moment of extraction to its subsequent placement.

In all capillary surgery, the hair necessary to cover that bald area or where there is a notable decrease in its density is extracted from the donor area (area that maintains a good quality of hair). Once the number of necessary follicular units has been extracted, they are prepared for their subsequent placement. In this process, Graft trimming, each of the extracted follicular units is subjected to rigorous work by the technicians in charge. During this single action, we achieve a double purpose.

On the one hand, we guarantee an adequate cleaning of the follicular unit by removing all excess skin that covers it, keeping the sebaceous and sweat glands.

On the other hand, we managed to classify the hair to be grafted, identifying the quality and quantity of hair collected in each extracted follicular unit.

What are the benefits of doing Graft trimming?

Performing an efficient preparation of each extracted follicular unit for subsequent grafting is essential if we want to achieve multiple benefits.
Among them we can list the following list:

Reduces folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles that produces inflammation) or other problems arising from the implant

•Get better quality follicular units

•Facilitates and accelerates the placement of each graft

Optimizes the selection by caliber

Improves the subsequent density

Reduces the appearance of scabs

•Improves and speeds healing

Reduces the rate of graft loss by accident

Guarantees a more efficient selection of grafts

Currently there are many existing offers at the level of hair surgeries, but there is little information regarding what they contemplate. In most cases it happens that the treatment given to the hair that is extracted is not the one described above, they only try to keep it under the minimum conditions until its subsequent placement. In the same way, the preparation of the technicians is scarce and therefore they do not know the existence of this treatment. However, the Dr. Panno Clinic offers this delicate treatment of the follicular units in each of its surgeries, with highly qualified personnel in charge of such tasks. Therefore, we invite you to consult us for more information.

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