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Dr. Panno Consolidates as Best Hair Surgeon

A recognition of consolidation On April 28, the act of incorporation of the Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences, of the Ramón y Cajal Illustrious Health Sciences Academy, was held at the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid deserved recognition to Dr. Panno as a Numerary Scholar.

During this act, Dr. Ezequiel Panno of the Academic Cord was awarded for his professional work in innovation and promotion of professional development, as well as he was recognized as the creator of initiatives that promote good practices in the medical sector.

In the same way, he was awarded the Accreditation Diploma that certifies him as a Member of the Illustrious Academy. It is called Numerary Academics to a recognized and prestigious group of health professionals who contribute selflessly to the progress of science and the advancement of medicine.

Doctors, such as Dr. Panno, who have distinguished themselves by scientific or academic merit, activities or publications on the subjects of the Ramón y Cajal Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences, accede to it.

This type of recognition turns the member professionals into reference models in the health sector of Spain, in the case of Dr. Panno, in the field of Hair Medicine respectively. Together, it allows experts to have an official commemoration backed by a Certified Institution.

For all that has been said, a new recognition is added to the notorious prestige and the long career of Dr. Panno as a merit to his special dedication and his incessant interest in the pursuit of professional excellence.

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