The Evolution of Alopecia, Treat It Now!

The importance of treating alopecia from the beginning The prevention of alopecia or its treatment in the initial phase will be a better option than its treatment at an advanced stage. Dr. Panno, consolidated as the best hair surgeon, can address the problem of alopecia at any stage, thanks to his experience and expertise, but here are some of the advantages of treating alopecia in its initial phase:

Price: if it is necessary to perform hair surgery, a smaller number of follicular units will be necessary to restore the natural aspect to the alopecic area. The smaller the area that needs to be repopulated, the fewer follicular units it will need to implant and, therefore, it will be cheaper for the patient.

Recovery: in the same way, the recovery time will be less than if it were a major intervention.

Results: if alopecia is addressed in a first phase, the success of the result is fully assured. As alopecia is more advanced, this may be more difficult.

Regenerative hair treatments or hair surgery Dr. Panno will be in charge of defining the capillary treatment plan needed by the patient, with or without capillary surgery, depending on several factors and the state of the alopecic area. All this will be evaluated in a first free informative consultation with the doctor in our Capillary Transplant Clinic. The combination of regenerative hair treatments and capillary surgery, if necessary – taking into account that it will always be the most effective and definitive solution to fight alopecia – will be the key to obtaining the three characteristics that the results should have , according to Dr. Panno: naturalness, density and no trace of scar. From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, we recommend that you consult immediately when you detect that your hair loses thickness, becomes weak or begins to see unpopulated areas.

Hair transplant with a professional

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