The Importance of Good Hair Nutrition

Nutrition and capillary health Feeding influences the general well-being of our body and not only inside. The skin and hair are highly benefited when we practice good eating habits. Therefore, it can be affirmed that nutrition influences capillary health. The nutrients necessary to promote capillary health are mainly proteins, essential amino acids, collagen, minerals and vitamins. Among the vitamins, the most beneficial for the hair are those of group B – biotin being the most significant (B8) and those of group C. Also involved in capillary health iron, copper, zinc and omega 3 .

Nutrients and food Not all foods act in capillary health in the same way. There are foods that nourish, others that intervene in their health, others that strengthen, others to avoid falling, etc. Below, we indicate which foods are more common to find, in greater or lesser degree, the nutrients mentioned above as part of the key to good hair health:

  • Vitamin A: eggs, oil (olive or sunflower), liver and vegetables
  •  Vitamin B: fish, beef or pork, chicken, legumes, soy, nuts and whole grains
  •  Vitamin C: lemon, orange, kiwi, spinach and broccoli
  •  Iron: red meat, spinach and vegetables
  •  Copper: seafood, spinach and nuts
  •  Zinc: meats, fish, asparagus, aubergines, celery and figs
  •  Omega 3: olive oil, chocolate, sage and basil each of these nutrients has its corresponding function in capillary health.

Among others: omega 3 is antioxidant, zinc is essential for hair growth, iron is important to grow strong and healthy, or copper helps in the synthesis of hair melanin. All these foods must be consumed within the framework of a balanced diet. Do you have more questions? You can consult more interesting contents about the capillary graft and much more in the blog of Dr. Panno and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We also invite you to watch interesting videos on our Youtube channel.

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