What is the Best Age to Become a Hair Transplant ?

In search of the best time to perform a hair transplant. The hair transplant is the definitive solution to fight alopecia. At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, located in Marbella, we receive patients of very different ages, both men and women, who come to the doctor in search of recovering a good hair condition or improving the quality of their hair.

The hair implant does not understand age. Any time and any age is good to undergo this medical-aesthetic surgery with which you can solve physical and psychological problems of patients. Still, if hair loss occurs at an early stage, it is convenient to start treating this problem as soon as possible. The immediacy of reaction is also one of the keys to success. The keys: prevention and expert assessment Although there is no suitable age to perform a capillary graft, since everything will depend on the patient and his alopecia state, if there are some maxims that you should keep in mind from the first moment in which you start to think about the realization of a capillary implant.

We highlight two:

  •  Prevention: the prevention of alopecia or its treatment in the initial phase will be a better option than its treatment at an advanced stage. Crucial aspects such as price, recovery time or the quality of the results significantly influence the choice of the moment when you decide to tackle the problem of alopecia. The sooner you start to treat, the better.
  • The assessment of the expert: it is essential to go to a specialist in the field of capillary surgery to personally assess the case of the patient, make a diagnosis and draw up a plan for a personalized capillary regeneration that includes capillary surgery, among others aspects. However, Dr. Panno, consolidated as the best hair surgeon in Spain, can address the problem of alopecia at any stage, thanks to his experience and expertise.


Hair transplant with a professional

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