Care for hair

Hair care in summer

One of the main ‘enemies’ of hair is heat; the sun’s rays can harm it as much as the rest of the skin suffers. Therefore it will always be advisable to use a conditioner to maintain its good appearance. Of course, not every day, but at most three times a week, and not applying it from the root.

When washing your head you also have to take into account the temperature of the water, since very hot would be harmful. Equally it is it the use of dryers with air to high temperatures. To use it, it is best to do it with cold air, although it is best to dry naturally, and if you use a towel other than making sudden movements.
The care for hair in summer is essential so that your hair is not damaged in that beautiful time of year.

Other hair care

A gentle capillary massage after the shower will also help maintain a better look of your hair by stimulating blood flow.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid as far as possible the use of foams or fixing gels, and to use it, do it with the same care with the conditioner: without getting to apply at the root, only at the tips.


Hair Transplant with a professional

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