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How Long Will My Hair Transplant Take To Grow?

One of the most frequent questions in Dr. Panno‘s Hair Transplant Clinic is about how long it will take for the hair to grow after surgery. The patient, in his first informative consultation, usually has reasonable concern for his physical appearance after the intervention and wants to know if he will be able to lead a normal life or if he will have to suffer variations.

Hair growth after hair transplant

As for the time it takes the hair to grow, the truth is that there is no exact time to be able to ensure the patient, but it is indicative. Keep in mind that this growth factor will depend on the person and that there are many factors that can influence.

In general terms, and after the so-called desert effect of the first three months, we move on to a growth phase. Therefore, from the third month the patient can begin to appreciate the growth of the new hair. The stage in which it is most common for the grafts to grow is between three and four months from when the hair surgery is carried out, but it is from the sixth month when the change of image is more evident.

From the sixth month onwards, the transplanted hair will continue to grow progressively until concluding with the estimated final result between 15 and 18 months after the intervention. Until reaching this final phase of growth, proper care of the grafts and the application of a medical treatment to achieve a perfect result will be essential.

The importance of a correct postoperative care

After hair transplant surgery, the application of a medical treatment will be essential to accelerate the healing and healing process, as well as to prevent as much of the existing as transplanted hair from suffering as little as possible.

The patient must not stop this postoperative phase. In addition to going to the periodic check-ups established from Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic, he will have to be responsible for the application of mandatory care. At this point, two situations can occur:

If there was no hair in the transplanted area, before  surgery, the area affected by the hair transplant should be treated, fed and cared for in a special way so that it recovers completely in the shortest time possible and returns to its natural state .

If there was hair in the transplanted area, we need that existing hair to survive the postoperative period. In the same way, that hair will require a specific medical treatment for its survival during the next 12 months so that it acquires the size and thickness that we want to achieve.

Hair transplant with a professional

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