Cheap Hair Transplant

The Risks Of A Cheap Hair Transplant

The hair transplant, a definitive solution to fight alopecia, is the order of the day and more and more people are encouraged to undergo this intervention. The first decision that must be taken, and which is of crucial importance, is who will be the hair surgeon to go to or in what clinic it will be carried out in?

A cheap hair transplant?

Many of those interested in undergoing a hair transplant obviate these two fundamental aspects and prioritise the price factor. The economic criteria is usually one of the main reasons that influence the choice of where to undergo hair transplant surgery, and this entails dangers and risks, since the future patient will look for the cheap, forgetting even their health and safety.

The fashion of cheap hair transplants in countries like Turkey arises precisely because of the great motivation that is presented to future patients by the low cost approach. The risks of hair surgeries abroad are multiple and it is essential to assess all of them in detail, since it is a surgical intervention that must be understood and prepared as such: adequate facilities, qualified personnel, first-class instruments, properly sterilised material, etc.

When it comes to medical or surgical issues, it is essential to think in terms of quality and safety. In this sense, in Spain there are better options to perform hair surgery than in Turkey.

Hair surgery, best and safest in Spain

At Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we affirm and support that any surgery is better and safer in Spain than in Turkey.

In addition, in the professional field of hair surgery, there is a great concern about the removal of hair grafts performed by unqualified personnel. One of the aspects that most worries is that there are countries in which it is entirely performed by an assistant not a doctor, something that has been investigated on numerous occasions by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), the highest international body for hair transplant.

The Dr. Panno Clinic, is dedicated exclusively to hair transplant and regeneration treatments, offers guarantees that in Spain it is better and safer to perform surgery than in Turkey.

Hair transplant with a professional

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