The New Tricopigmentation and Microblading Unit

At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, we are pleased to announce the opening of the new Tricopigmentation and Microblading Unit. After a great demand from our patients, we decided to reinforce the service with a unit dedicated exclusively to the recovery of eyebrows. The initiative already has many interested and they have already used the available techniques to recover the eyebrows.

In search of the perfect eyebrows

The new Tricopigmentation and Microblading Unit is another step, on the part of this clinic, in the field of hair regeneration and in the search for the achievement of a design and a perfect result in eyebrows.

The technique of trichopigmentation allows to inject a small amount of pigment in the superficial layer of the dermis of the effected area of the scalp and produce a natural effect on it. Trichopigmentation combined with the Hair Transplant can be an adequate solution for people who have a scarce donor area that is insufficient to cover their desired alopecia with the desired density.

For its part, the microblading technique allows more natural results than the classic tattoo. It is an ideal treatment for people with sparse eyebrows or who have been losing them over the years, or as a result of illness or medical treatment.

In a first free informative consultation, Dr. Panno and his team will explain to the patient, assess their case and determine the desired eyebrow design, as well as the technique to be used.

Microblading: Eyebrow Restoration Treatments

The eyebrows are decisive in the harmony and beauty of the face and are responsible for the so-called lines of expression. Therefore, the alteration of its appearance causes a remarkable aesthetic disorder, being able to generate certain negative psychological effects for the person who suffers it.

Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic, for years, is also implanting eyebrows. Dr. Panno is the creator of a unique and revolutionary procedure that combines the implant of eyebrows by FUE technique with microblading: the I-brow method. The combination of techniques makes the result perfect and the eyebrow returns to its most realistic natural appearance and the desired density. Faced with other treatments, this is a permanent solution for eyebrows that will return their most beautiful and natural appearance.

People who undergo a recovery treatment of eyebrows, either through transplant and microblading, the so-called i-brow technique of Dr. Panno, or only through microblading, greatly increase facial harmony. Many of our patients affirm after the treatment that the facial oval is even stylised.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Panno’s Team and his Tricopigmentation and Microblading Unit if you wish to recover your eyebrows, and which are the most appropriate design options for you.

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