female alopecia

Female Alopecia, What Can I Do?

Female alopecia or hair loss in women is becoming more frequent and increasingly affects a greater number of women. Therefore, for all those who think that hair loss is a male problem, we clarify that it is a misconception. In fact, almost 40% of people affected by hair thinning are women. In your case, instead of suffering a receding hairline, it is more common for the centre parting line to widen or hair to be lost at the crown of the head.

More cases of female alopecia

In Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we attend many cases of women who come to us to solve their alopecia and to which, in the same way as men, they are advised that hair transplantation as a definitive measure to combat female alopecia.

The difference between female and male alopecia lies in their causes and their development. As for the causes, it can be due to a large number of factors, such as having the gene that makes us susceptible to baldness, a hormonal imbalance or a disease. Fortunately, it can also be a temporary situation caused by stress or pregnancy that affects the capillary growth cycle.

Stress plays an important role in the development of hair loss in women, which usually appears during times of high stress, such as a divorce, a birth, the loss of a job or the death of a family member, among other things. In addition, it is most likely that this alopecia appears a posteriori, that is, after having suffered the episode of extreme stress or anxiety.

Nor can we forget the female alopecia by traction, caused by the twisting of the hair, by friction of objects against the scalp, by stretching hair by hairstyles or trichomania (habit of plucking the hair itself).

The ultimate solution to female alopecia

Women suffering from alopecia can be affected emotionally and psychologically by this phenomenon. Therefore, female alopecia, like male alopecia, should be treated in an initial and preventive phase, hair transplant being the definitive solution to combat it.

At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella, we offer hair regeneration treatments to help women recover hair quality and perform surgery using the most cutting-edge techniques to obtain natural looking results with a period of minimal recovery.

Female alopecia with a professional

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