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Players With Hair Transplants

More and more players are betting on hair transplant surgery to solve their hair loss problems for aesthetic reasons. Some cases of footballers are more known than others, since some of them by themselves decide to tell in the media that they have undergone a hair transplant and say how satisfied they are.

Hair transplant in soccer players

Exposure to public opinion especially in social media making demands of good image make greater concerns for the physical attractiveness. In this dimension, the media, celebrities or elite athletes – both players and technical team – are more susceptible to a hair transplant, and more and more often do so in clinics in Spain.

In Spain, there are many examples in the world of football. Below we reveal the names of some players who are said to have undergone a hair transplant:

Iker Casillas

One of the most talked about has been the surgery of Iker Casillas, captain of the Spanish National Team for many years and one of the best goalkeepers worldwide. Casillas also began to suffer over the years with hair loss and each had more and more alopecia, so he decided to undergo FUE technique just before the Euro 2012.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney wanted to go a step further, since it was the English player himself who uploaded to his Twitter account (@WayneRooney) an image of his head after leaving the hair clinic with a message dedicated to his followers: «Hello everyone That’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. It still bleeds a bit but that’s normal #hairwego. «

Ronald de Boer

The former player of the Netherlands National Team and FC Barcelona also underwent a graft to add more density to the front area.

The «Cholo» Simeone

The hair transplant of Simeone has been commented as much as his football successes, even though the coach has never confirmed or denied this fact.

Diego López

The current goalkeeper surprised us with a hair transplant which he definitely opted to get much higher density. Also, he wanted to cover his frontline and he succeeded with the reconstruction of a more advanced frontal line.

Antonio Conte

The Italian ex-footballer came to perform up to three hair transplants using different techniques of hair grafting.

In addition to these names, it is also known that other athletes and footballers such as Jan Oblak, Alfonso Pérez or Jürgen Klopp have undergone hair grafting.

Hair graft with a professional

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