The First Hair Clinic Where You Can Pay For Treatments With Bitcoin

Once again, the Hair Transplant Clinic of best known surgeon in Europe, Dr. Panno, takes a step forward towards the forefront and the future, betting on the cryptocurrency as payment for his revolutionary treatments against alopecia.

Hair transplant is a booming service, due among other factors to the interest of men for their own care and beauty and to the advancement of techniques which nowadays achieves the best results in hair transplant.

Among the hair care services that patients can find to treat their alopecia problems and improve hair quality, they are; capillary mesotherapy, PRP, LED laser light, deep hygiene, capillary rehydration and of course the definitive treatment to solve alopecia, hair transplant.

Dr. Panno´s Clinic is pioneering in technical, methodological and instrumental sciences, and in this case it is the first to make available to patients interested in hair surgery to recover their hair, a form of payment that every more time is made within the commercial operations worldwide.

It is a kind of virtual currency. Although there are still many who do not know you could consider it the payment method of the future.

We explain why

It is used to exchange goods and services through electronic transactions, without the need to resort to an intermediary.

It is a payment method that began operating in 2009. Since then, the cryptocurrencies have continued to grow and have emerged many virtual currencies, which have gradually been incorporated into the most innovative stores, as is the case of the Dr. Panno´s clinic.

Unlike other attempts at electronic money, bitcoin provide greater security. To do this, they incorporate the principles of cryptography, converting the moment of payment into an anonymous and decentralised experience. The principles of cryptography are responsible for encrypting or encrypting information and making it unrecognisable to all those unauthorised users. Nobody will have access to your virtual currency except you.

Other advantages of bitcoin

  • Transactions are faster than through financial institutions.
  • They can be used in any country in the world.
  • The transactions are made directly from person to person, without intermediaries.
  • Unlike payments with legal currency where all transactions are fully registered and in which we are identified, transactions with bitcoin are kept anonymous.

As we can see, there are many advantages to this operation. The techniques hair transplant in Dr.Panno are today the most appropriate solution to fight against male alopecia.

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