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Cheap Hair Transplants, How Much Is The True or Lie?

The question about how much a hair transplant costs is one of the first questions a person poses when they first think about the idea of ​​having a hair transplant. The price can vary from one clinic to another and from one country to another, but at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we would like to make an observation about the cheap hair transplant.

The price of hair transplants

A cheap surgery can entail certain risks, since the cheapening of the price of the service can be motivated by a reduction of the quality of the professional personnel, of the instruments and of the conditions in which the hair transplant is carried out in general.

A clear example that sometimes «the cheap thing is expensive» is the one that we are going to expose you next. More and more patients are coming to the Dr. Panno’s Clinic to undergo reconstructive hair surgery to improve and fix the grafts after a previous intervention. This usually happens because the patient, at first, decided to bet on a cheap surgery that turned out to be inadequate due to poor execution practices in hair surgery. It is then when the patient regrets that decision and decides to go to a clinic specialised in hair transplantation and with guarantees of success.

Offers and promotions of hair transplants

Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic offers competitive prices and offers so that all those interested in having a surgery with us enjoy advantages. Currently, until the end of April, we have an active offer to enjoy hair surgery with a 25% discount. In addition, we are the first hair clinic in Spain that allows payment with Bitcoin to pay for treatments.

From our hair clinic, dedicated exclusively to hair grafting and regenerative treatments, we ensure the quality of results thanks to more than 17 years of experience in the field of hair surgery and a highly qualified staff led by Dr. Panno , one of the best hair surgeons in Europe.

The price of the hair transplant will depend on the number of follicular units that the patient needs to repopulate his alopecia area. This will be determined by Dr. Panno in a first consultation in which different aspects will be assessed, a diagnosis will be made and a customised capillary regeneration plan will be drawn up.

Hair Transplants with a professional

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