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Hair Transplant In Spain: Get Hair Without Going To Turkey

In Spain there are better options to perform hair surgery than in Turkey. From Dr. Panno we affirm and support that any hair surgery is better and safer in Spain than in Turkey.

The field of hair transplant surgery in the Spanish territory is in continuous expansion and its growing specialisation and professionalisation is a reality. In Spain, we have the privilege of having some of the best clinics to perform a quality hair transplant, such as the Dr. Panno Clinic, which not only stands out for having a team of great professionals, but also have a long experience that supports their services and with the most advanced and innovative techniques to perform a surgery with absolute success.

The price factor, which used to be one of the main reasons that led many patients to travel to Turkey to undergo hair surgery, is no longer a barrier to stay in Spain to perform this intervention. To this day, the clinics dedicated to the capillary graft offer very competitive prices and numerous offers in order to facilitate the life and the shape of those interested in a hair transplant.

Fortunately, more and more patients are betting on their health and safety to avoid the dangers and risks to which all those who decide to perform a hair transplant in Turkey are exposed.

Reasons why not travel to Turkey for a hair transplant

The risks of performing a hair transplant in Turkey are multiple. The first one, and the most important, is due to the professional who performs the hair transplant. The most common is that he is a technician and not a hair surgeon.

On the other hand, organised trips to Turkey are usually in all-inclusive or low-cost format, so basic aspects and certain comforts that the patient will need as soon as they are intervened can be neglected. Nor should we lose sight of the relative conditions of the facilities, the inadequate use of surgical equipment, the correct sterilisation of the material and the dubious guarantees surrounding hair transplantation in Turkey.

As a fundamental point, we must emphasize the absence of a follow-up of the patient after. The postoperative phase and the application of a customised medical treatment will be of crucial importance to guarantee the survival of the follicles and a result of success, issues that are impossible to control at a distance.

Hair graft with a professional

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