Does Minoxidil Have Side Effects ?

What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a drug aimed at stimulating hair growth and slowing down the process of alopecia. It is the only medicine recommended to fight androgenetic alopecia in its first phase.

The objective of the treatment lies in the prolongation of the activity of the hair follicles that are still in good condition, and can even achieve a reactivation of those that are already weakened.

This drug must be used under medical prescription and the existence of a professional, such as Dr. Panno, who provides advice on its use, precautions and all the necessary information for its correct application is essential.

Key to successful use and the possible side effects

Like any medical treatment, the successful use of minoxidil is directly related to its proper application. One of the key points is that it should be applied continuously and daily on the scalp. The interruption of the treatment can generate the total loss of the conserved hair, for what it would suppose a complete regression and a return to the starting point. Therefore, it is essential to appeal to the responsibility of the patient and to have Dr. Panno as a guide and advisor so that the application of minoxidil is as successful as possible.

As a side effect, the so-called shedding effect can be mentioned. This consists of the partial loss of regenerated hair two or three months after starting treatment. This process is normal, is part of the treatment process itself and happens as a result of the regenerated hair is weaker.

There may also be common problems derived from the alcohol used in the treatment, such as itching, dehydration, irritation or burning. In case of any type of reaction during the treatment, the patient should contact Dr. Panno to readjust the dose and eliminate the discomfort that may be suffering.

In general, it is a treatment of capillary regeneration that is not very aggressive, and its effects, in the event that they appear, would only appear in the area of ​​application of the treatment.

In addition to the use of Minoxidil to combat alopecia, the Dr. Panno Clinic has other highly recommended treatments to stop hair loss and regenerate the loss zone.

As we have told you before, the treatments to fight alopecia are varied and effective. The key to success in the application of any capillary treatment is the dosage and guideline thereof and that it is part of a global plan prescribed by the appropriate professional.

Risks of self-medication

As in other medical specialties, self-medication with regard to treatments related to alopecia and hair loss can also be dangerous.

The diagnosis of the disease as well as the prescription and supervision of the treatment is exclusively the work of the specialist doctor, in this case the trichologist doctor in charge of our hair recovery.

Remember, you should always put in the hands of specialists like Dr. Panno that your treatment is really effective, so that your expectations regarding your hair recovery plan are 100% satisfied.

Hair transplant with a professional

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