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3rd edition of the Specialist Technician Course for Hair Transplant Surgery

Next edition of the Specialist Technician Course for Hair Transplant: September

From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Academy we are pleased to announce the arrival of the third edition of the Hair Transplant Technician Course that will begin next September. Registration for the course is now open and the registration period will end on August 30.

The 3rd Course of Specialist Technician in Hair Transplantation will have a duration of 480 hours, in online modules and will have practical sessions throughout its development. It is aimed at university graduates in Nursing and Nursing Assistants and Auxilaries.

The Panno Hair Transplant Academy has already passed several dozen students who have had a great experience in the academy and which, at present, is a Reference Center for Specialised Health Training. The Panno Hair Transplant Academy offers a portfolio of specialised technical courses to offer high training in the field of hair surgery and to train quality professionals in the field.

The Academy: Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Academy

Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Academy was born in 2018. It is the first academy in Spain dedicated exclusively to the training of technical specialists in hair transplant at a national level. The students of the Panno Hair Transplant Academy come from the health sector and go in search of the theoretical and practical skills necessary to offer a quality service. At Panno Hair Transplant Academy we train students to be highly qualified personnel this allows them to practice as a specialist in hair transplant.

The academic director of the course is Laura Krys, Head of Nursing at the Clinic and member of the ISHRS Technicians Committee, and is a pioneer in providing specific courses for hair technicians.

From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we are looking forward to start the third edition of this course, in which students will have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired in the theory during the internship phase, and continue learning from the great professionals with which we have in the clinic.

The figure of the Specialist Technician in Hair Transplant comes to join this working environment in full swing, being able to operate in medicinal context that requires their skills and abilities under the strict supervision of a medical professional competent in the field.

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