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Platelet Rich Plasma, A Great Ally To Prevent Hair Loss

Dr. Panno hair transplant clinic is the first in Spain dedicated exclusively to hair restoration, is also a specialist in the application of regenerative anti-alopecia hair treatments for men and women, among which is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.  These are treatments that do not require surgery and that recover and return the hair quality, shine and volume, to be part of the preventive process against the appearance of alopecia.

The key to alopecia: its prevention and treatment

The prevention of alopecia will always be a better option than addressing it in its advanced phase.  Dr. Panno, one of the best hair surgeons internationally, determines that the treatment of alopecia in an initial phase offers advantages and improvements at the time of recovery and the results themselves, not forgetting that the price factor will also be lower compared to when the hair regeneration plan were more advanced.

At Dr. Panno we offer personalised advice to our patients to draw up a tailor-made hair regeneration plan and assess what will be the best treatment based on age or condition patient alopecia

Platelet rich plasma, PRP treatment

There are many hair regeneration treatments that our patients can enjoy at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic. For its part, preventive hair medicine offers medical options based on different types of injectables.  One of them is the regenerative therapy called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

The PRP treatment, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is based on the extraction of blood plasma.  It is a medical procedure suitable for both men and women suffering from hair loss.  Although it is a relatively new technique in hair restoration, it is a consolidated method in neuronal, oral and cosmetic surgery and in the treatment of sports injuries.

For the application of this regenerative therapy, the patient must provide a blood sample to separate and extract the PRP.  Next, the cells concentrated with trophic factors are injected into the affected area of ​​the scalp to stimulate growth.  The process can be done at regular intervals during treatment.

Hair transplant with a professional

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