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Do You Know What Type Of Alopecia You Have?

Alopecia is the premature fall or absence of hair in one or several parts of the body that would normally be covered with hair.  One of the most common areas of suffering from hair loss is the head and this phenomenon occurs in men and women in an increasingly proportional way.

Types of alopecia

 Although the most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, there are other types of hair loss. These are classified into two large groups: non-scarring alopecia and scarring alopecia.  In non-scarring alopecia the hair follicle is not completely destroyed, but there is still a certain follicular structure that can be recovered by stimulation, while in scarring alopecia there is a destruction of the hair follicles, atrophy which is replaced by scar tissue, so hair loss is irreversible.

The different types of hair loss manifest themselves in different ways and affect in a certain place and form, their origin being the determining factor to define what type of alopecia the patient suffers.  For example, if we talk about androgenetic hair loss, the most common, you will experience that hair becomes thinner and straighter, will grow slower, and will even not grow back in some areas.

 – In men, the area where it manifests most is in the crown and in the frontline, the area without hair becoming increasingly wide.

 – In women, androgenetic alopecia manifests itself in a general loss of hair density, to a greater extent in the upper area, giving way to scarcer areas of hair.

 To combat androgenetic hair loss there are hair regeneration treatments that help improve hair quality.

 The first step: put yourself in the hands of an expert in hair recover and surgery

 Beyond the types of alopecia that exist – more than 100 – it is essential to go to a specialist when you detect an unusual hair loss.  The key to proper treatment will be put in the hands of a professional to detect what type of alopecia the patient suffers and draw up a personalised hair regeneration plan.

 At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, the first clinic in Spain dedicated exclusively to hair transplantation, we are specialists in the treatment of any type of alopecia, both in men and women, and in its intervention in any of its phases. To achieve a successful result, and fight alopecia definitively, it will be essential to choose well: a suitable clinic and a professional with extensive experience and training in the field of hair surgery.  This will be the starting point of a hair transplant or plan with guarantees.

Hair transplant with a professional

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