Panno Hair Transplant Academy, The Academy For High Quality Training In Hair Surgery

What is the Panno Hair Transplant Academy

The Panno Hair Transplant Academy is the only academy in Spain with specialised training in Hair Transplantation. It is an innovative health training centre, dedicated to the updating of health care professionals to ensure the training of the necessary skills that current trends require and thus improve the quality of service provided in this area of ​​Hair Medicine.

Currently, the Panno Hair Transplant Academy welcomes numerous students of different nationalities, who are trained both in the Technician Course in Hair Transplant and in the Fellowship Program of High Training for Hair Surgery.  In the last three editions, dozens of new professionals with high training to develop their professional career in the field of hair surgery have already found work in the field.

The Specialist Course in Hair Transplant has a duration of 480 hours, in online mode and has practical sessions throughout its development. It is aimed at university graduates in Nursing and Nursing Assistants.

The High Training Fellowship Program in Hair Surgery has a duration of 40 hours in which doctors learn hands on in theatre with training one to one at the hand of Dr. Panno,  in different techniques of Hair Transplant Surgery .

The Academy of Hair Transplant Academy

Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Academy was born in 2018. It is the first academy in Spain dedicated exclusively to the training of specialists in hair transplantation nationwide as well as the only academy with High Training Fellowship program in Hair Surgery for doctors. The students of the Panno Hair Transplant Academy come from the health sector and go in search of the theoretical and practical skills necessary to offer a quality service.  In the Panno Hair Transplant Academy we train students to be highly qualified personnel that allow them to exercise the figure of a specialist in hair transplant.

The figure of the Specialist Technician in Hair Transplant means joining this booming work environment, being enabled to act in any context of hair medicine that requires their skills and abilities under strict supervision of a medical professional competent in the field.

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