Hair Loss

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Prevention: the key to treating hair loss

The prevention of alopecia will be the key to successfully address it, obtain better results and enjoy economic benefits, among them. From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we give you the following recommendations to prevent alopecia.

Treat from a young age

Alopecia, the sooner you treat it the better! The prevention of alopecia or its treatment in the initial phase will be a better option than its treatment in an advanced phase. In addition, it will be essential that good hair hygiene is applied from a young age, a balanced diet is taken and healthy habits are practiced.

See the specialist for hair loss

If you detect that your hair falls out more than usual or you detect that it has lost shine, strength or quality, you should immediately go to the specialist in the hair field.

At our clinic, Dr. Panno will be in charge of defining the hair treatment plan that the patient needs, with or without hair surgery, depending on several factors and the state of the alopecic area. All this will be evaluated in a first free informative consultation with the doctor in our Hair Transplant Clinic.

Bet on preventive hair medicine

There are many hair regeneration treatments that our patients can enjoy at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic. For its part, preventive hair medicine offers medical options based on different types of injectables:

Hair mesotherapy: it involves the injection of a medicated serum into the scalp that will revitalise your hair from the inside. Its application is local and is administered to reinforce the results of other treatments as well as to prevent hair loss, strengthen transplanted hair and moisturise the scalp, promoting hair growth

Other options in which preventive hair medicine comes into play are: carboxytherapy or oral and topical medication as supplements, such as finasteride or minoxidil.

The combination of these different treatments is the alternative to hair surgery for patients suffering from alopecia in its early stages or other identified medical problems. In addition, in some cases, these treatments are applied in patients prior to capillary surgery, when it is necessary to strengthen the hair follicles that will be transplanted on the day of surgery.

Hair loss with a professional

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