Donor Zone

Limited Donor Zone What Kinds of Alternatives Are There?

The donor zone is a very important component since it is the main element in a hair transplant surgery.  A very specific area of ​​the head that does not have androgenetic alopecia, and that is located on the back and side of the head.

Causes of the reasons for a limited donor zone

  • Due to genetic issues
  • Hormonal influence
  • Possible birth scars or accidents
  • Malpractice from previous surgeries

Currently, there are several options as alternatives

Hair tricopigmentation, is a cosmetic technique that facilitates the recreation, correction and improvement of some facial or body features, both in women and men.  This treatment is made up of biodegradable pigments.  It is a non-surgical method made using a device known as a dermograph.

The Body Hair Transplant (BHT) technique, this procedure expands the donor area by being able to obtain greater capillary raw material from other areas of the body, these can be;  The chest, beard, legs, arms, pubis and back area.  Beard hair is usually the most widely used since it is the most similar to that of the scalp and a higher caliber and density can be obtained.  Although it is true that this type of body hair is not valid to be used in any placement area.  It is a reduced solution.  The process is developed with the FUE technique.

Surgeries in different periods, each person has a different genetics, it is important to remember that each case can be uneven and evolve at a different rate.  Depending on the parameters that must be previously assessed, factors such as the density of the hair per cm2 and the examination of the donor surface are measured in the first consultation at Dr. Panno’s clinic in order to establish whether the patient should undergo more than one surgery, spaced over time, in order to obtain the desired results.

When the donor area is limited, and the area to be repopulated is large, professionals recommend doing several hair surgeries with a margin of at least 9 months.  In this way, a greater recovery is provided to the scalp, however, always try to use the donor area to the maximum without damaging it.

Hair prostheses, is one more solution than can be offered to the patient as a solution to alopecia when there is not enough donor area to perform the hair transplant.  The prosthesis consists of the union of natural hair fibres to a specific base, which adheres to the scalp to give naturalness.  Generally the base of the prosthesis is a very fine hypoallergenic cotton tulle about 0.03mm thick.

All prostheses they can be made to measure.  Despite being an artificial solution, today, hair prostheses are highly perfected, being able to reproduce the simplicity of asymmetries, eddies, sideburns, etc.

The latest generation hair prostheses have brought many benefits

  •  It is possible to play sports with them.
  • They are washable.
  • Design can be chosen.
  • Variety of color.
  • They are breathable.

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