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Types of Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair transplantation can be performed using two techniques. The FUSS technique and the FUE technique. These two methods are used to treat the absence of hair or androgenetic alopecia.  Both techniques have a high success rate.

FUSS technique (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery), indicated for both men and women, a strip from the nape area, about 1cm wide and about 15-20 cm long, is removed from the donor area.  This region is sutured by means of a trichophytic suture, providing the patient to hide it with their own hair.

Pros of this hair transplant technique:

  • You don’t need to cut your hair.
  • Greater extraction speed.

Cons of the technique:

  • There is a linear scar.
  • Obligation to have to suture.
  • Longer rest to prevent the wound from opening.

FUE technique of hair transplant (Follicular Unit Excision) known by its acronym in English, technique of extraction of follicular units, one by one each follicular unit is obtained with a rotator, thus achieving a more natural result.  It is one of the most widely used techniques today.  The main difference from the prior art is that a strip is not removed from the scalp.  Occasionally this technique may be recommended to women.

Pros of this hair transplant technique:

  • Suitable for patients with a low donor area.
  • A linear scar is avoided.
  • It allows to know exactly the number of grafts made.
  • Lets you choose the best follicles.
  • The postoperative period is faster and so is the healing process.
  • It enables multiple interventions.

 Against the technique:

  • The method is somewhat slower.
  • It is necessary to shave the hair.

These two FUSS and FUE hair transplant techniques are approved for anyone in good health.  It is necessary to go to a specialist before the process to observe that everything is correct.

The intervention we distinguish several steps:

  • Extraction of the follicular units with the respective FUSS or FUE technique.
  • Separation and preparation one by one of the follicles.
  • Implant the follicles in the area to be treated through small micro-holes.

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