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Regaine Foam, what is it?

Regaine Foam, what is it?

Regaine foam is a skin foam that acts as a treatment against androgenetic alopecia and hair loss.  Its main active ingredient is minoxidil with a concentration of 2%, by means of which the blood supply to the scalp is activated, thus increasing the food supply to the follicles, which encourages their proper functioning.

Regaine foam, also commercially named Rogaine in North America, is marketed by Johnson & Johnson SA, and can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription.  It is applied to completely dry hair with a gentle massage and such an application should be repeated twice a day: once in the morning and once at night.

Advantages of using Regaine foam over minoxidil

Compared to the classic lotion version of minoxidil, Regaine foam has some advantages that are mentioned below:

– Easy application

– Reduces the danger of contact with the eyes

– By having less penetration into the scalp, it reduces the risk of dermatitis, irritation, or skin allergy

Disadvantages of using Regaine foam versus minoxidil

Regarding the drawbacks of using Regaine foam, we find the following:

– Less penetration by the follicular route since most of the treatment remains in the hair without reaching the follicle.

– Less treatment effect than classic minoxidil in lotion version.

– With the application of the foam, the hair is left with a stiff effect, which can become unpleasant to the touch and as lacking cleanliness to the eye.

From Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we report that it is not a more effective option than another since this will depend on the patient and their degree of alopecia.  To analyse the state of alopecia and the customised hair regeneration plan, it will be essential to go to a consultation and be seen by specialists.

Minoxidil, an effective hair regeneration treatment

Minoxidil is a drug intended to stimulate hair growth and slow down the alopecia process.  It is the only medicine recommended to combat androgenetic alopecia in its first phase.

The objective of the treatment lies in the prolongation of the activity of the hair follicles that are still in good condition and can even achieve a reactivation of those that are already weakened.

This drug must be used under a medical prescription and the existence of a professional, such as Dr. Panno, who advises on its use, its precautions and all the information necessary for its correct application is essential.

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