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Exosome Therapy Application. New Hair Treatment

Exosomes, what are they?

Exosome therapy application is a new and effective hair treatment. They are presented as a great scientific novelty in cell therapy and in particular as a new hair treatment. These are not cells, but their function is of great importance in the communication and repair of cells in the body. Several scientific studies have shown that communication between cells is crucial to maintaining healthy cell tissue.

There are many factors that interfere with the communication process of the cells of the human body, and in a way, hinder the healing processes. Exosomes are key in the articulation of this cellular communication process.

What is exosome therapy application in hair treatment?

Exosomes are small bubbles or extracellular vesicles in which genetic data and proteins are transported from one cell to another.
They act as a communication vehicle between nearby and distant cells. Passing molecules that control intracellular data.
The scientific community has provided very valuable information about the latest discoveries in exosome therapy and its application as one of the new effective hair treatments in the fight against alopecia, reporting innumerable benefits after its application.

What benefits does it bring to alopecia?

Providing external exosomes in support of cells to fight alopecia can have a very positive impact by allowing the release of new data and helping the communication mechanism with the correct information that helps improve hair loss. With this application of external exosomes, we will be offering information to revitalise cells and thereby improve the state of our alopecia.

How it is performed?

External exosomes are administered directly to the affected area, as a revitalising hair treatment coupled with the application of hair mesotherapy.
With the administration of exosome therapy, the communication of cells on growth factors and proteins will be improved and capillary regeneration will be exponentially stimulated.

Are there side effects of exosome therapy for hair loss?

Generally, patients can resume their activities immediately. Some patients may experience momentary redness or some discomfort in the treated area. In general terms, the patient recovers completely normally and no long-term side effects have been described. Although it is recommended, avoid the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and also stressful activity in the first 48 hours of application.

Are exosome therapies the same for all patients?

The exosome solution used is a standard solution, generally obtained from mesenchymal cells. Dr. Panno will complete a complete hair regeneration plan to combat alopecia in a personalised way, to achieve the best possible results in each case.

Undoubtedly, exosome therapy is presented as one of the new effective hair treatments in the field of hair recovery and the fight against alopecia.

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