female alopecia

Female Alopecia and The Ludwig Scale

What is the Ludwig Scale

The Ludwig Scale was created in 1977 by Dr. Ludwig, hence the reason for its name. Since its origin, this scale was born to identify the degrees of hair loss in female alopecia and to have its own classification, since the processes of alopecia in men and in women are different.

In addition, to establishing the degree of involvement of female alopecia. The Ludwig Scale is intended to serve as a reference to unify therapeutic or surgical criteria.

Some of the characteristics of female pattern baldness are generally:

. Later appearance
. They can influence hormonal processes
. It is more diffuse
. Usually retains the front front line

The Ludwig Scale for Female Alopecia classifies female androgenetic alopecia into three grades, ranging from the mildest to the most extreme, and can even lead to total hair loss.

Ludwig Scale Grades

Grade 1: onset of loss of density in the central region, associated with some capillary weakness and fragility. This degree has five phases. It changes phase as the scalp is more visible and the hair density is less.

Grade 2: the density has been decreasing all over the upper part, the scalp becoming more visible in the hair line. The hair tends to grow less and of less quality, becoming finer. This grade has Phase VI and Phase VII, in which you can see how clearly the central space is affected, with baldness moving from the central area outwards, in a circular way.

Grade 3: a significant loss of hair has already been established, with very little density in the central area in an extensive way from the frontal anterior line to the crown of the head, inclusive. In this phase the hair is very fine. We are in phase VIII, which reminds us of male androgenetic alopecia in the more advanced phases.

Treatments for female alopecia

Women suffering from alopecia can be emotionally and psychologically affected by this phenomenon. To conclude, female alopecia must be treated in an initial and preventive phase, with hair transplant being the definitive solution to combat it.

From Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we also offer a wide variety of hair regeneration treatments to combat female alopecia in any of its phases. These hair regeneration treatments will help women regain hair quality using the latest techniques to obtain natural-looking results with a minimal recovery period.

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